The Chameleon Gem

Just from its name “chameleon gem” we can tell a lot about one of Lorenzo’s favorite stones: the tourmaline.

Mostly found in pink, green, blue-green and light-blue, tourmalines enrich a lot of Peroni and Parise’s collections, especially the jewels from the Lacrima, Rose and Desiderio collections.

Depending on the minerals in its crystalline structure, this special stone can be found in nature in different colors and shades, so much so that, because of their great similarity, it can be mistaken with emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

The name “tourmaline” seems to come from the Sinhalese word  “turmali”, which means “mixed”. Tourmalines do indeed have many colors in just one single stone, creating stunning effects thanks to their particular chemical conformation.

Tourmalines are rarely completely pure, they often have streaks that must not be considered a flaw but rather an added value to this gem. If we also take into consideration that the structure of this stone is quite uneven, we can really understand how each tourmaline is a unique piece.

According to oriental philosophy, tourmalines have an extremely positive energy, invigorating and energizing properties. In addition, each one of its varieties and colors cures and heals the body systems, dispels fear and brings concentration and inspiration.

We like to think that tourmalines reflect the unique personality of whoever wears them. Just like this special stone, a person’s personality has different sides that surface in various moments in life and that are always able to amaze us with their charm and beauty.