A World of sparkling objects of desire

The eternal enchantment of femininity in the middle, the World all around.
Peroni & Parise’s collections spark an unmistakable personality, yet draw inspiration from thousands of stimuli and details of experience, to satisfy and surround with light the contemporary woman. Nature’s shapes, art’s echoes, ethical and global suggestions, memories of trips to distant lands chase one another and oftentimes mix in lines that are at times essential, at times soft and sensual, always refined and elegant.

Gold in all its shades, the marvel of precious stones and the wonder of the more exotic and less known ones, sought for with curiosity and set with rigour, decoding and telling a dream in every single jewel.

Queen collection

Fabric collection

Lacrima collection

Pavé collection

Desiderio collection

Rose collection

Drop collection

Rock collection

Rugiada collection

Bouquet collection

Modern collection

Palladio collection