portrait of Lorenzo Peroni

Lorenzo Peroni

Peroni & Parise.
Jewellery makers, dreams interpreters

Peroni & Parise creates jewels by interpreting dreams and desires, with the craftsmanship and the care of an ancient tradition, intertwined with a never ending research and with the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

Precious metals and gemstones are the source from which the visions of Lorenzo Peroni, master jeweller, are shaped, imagined and subsequently brought to life thanks to a rare manual ability. In just a few years, thanks to intuition, creativity and good taste, he has been able to turn an exclusive craft shop into a brand that represents the highest values of Italian jewelry worldwide.

In each jewel, a splendid wish comes true. Created by experienced hands that, in the shining material of an unmistakable style, forge the magnificent resources of the Earth by exalting its characteristics and respecting the genesis and the environment.

Lorenzo Peroni, master and visionary of the precious

To be able to see the right object, rare, beautiful and refined, in places where it is not yet: in raw metal, in stones that still have to be set. To observe, since he was a child, those expert artisans who, in dozens in his native land, Vicenza, would create sparkling jewels with their hands. And after, to imitate them and to exceed them.

This is how Lorenzo Peroni’s priceless dream begins. Instinct, vocation, creativity, desire of overcoming barriers and borders meet the ability of choosing and growing the most skilled artisans. He entrusts them with the transformation of his visionary intuitions, dictated by a rich and nomad inspiration that knows no barriers or limits, into solid, magnificent objects.

As recognised by the biggest jewelry experts. “Finally, something different” is born.

necklace with stones


model wears jewels from the modern collection

Timeless jewelry, sophisticated but pure, which naturally trascend fashions, moods and seasons.

Italian jewellers,
artisans of beauty

Founded in 2006, Peroni & Parise is a young company whose growth is based on deep roots and values. It’s about practices and knowledge kept and applied by its family members, master jewellers from the most important Italian jewelry district, that of Vicenza.

Among them we are able to recognise enthusiastic and patient work, eyes ready to spot details, hands prepared to shape forms and explore solutions. The constant pleasure of always doing what one likes.

To shape beauty is an innate talent and it’s a job you learn and pass down. Nowadays, using the latest technologies and tools allows an ensemble of passionate artisans who, with mastery dominate an irreplaceable heritage, to have exciting new possibilities.