Sidare Association, helping others

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“Whoever meets the gaze of a hungry child will never be the same person again. The eyes of a child whose rights are denied are a silent scream that tears apart our peaceful existence.”

Thanks to the direct commitment of Valeria Baldin Peroni, vice-president of the association Sidare Ngo, Peroni & Parise actively supports the projects of the non-profit association SIDARE, which is dedicated to the rights of children denied or weakened, to long-distance adoptions in India, and Nepal and concretely stands for the right of all the poors to health, and education in those areas of the world.

Enjoying childhood to the full: one of the nepalese classes supported by Sidare NGO.

To bring joy and love, as well as practical help: Valeria Baldin Peroni among the small nuns of Soldha (North India).

Here are some of the projects of Sidare, supported by our Christmas cards

  • 2015: Surgery for little Tenzin Genden, in Northern India.
  • 2016: Construction of a kitchen and a canteen in a monastery in Karnataka, South India. Kitchen and canteen inaugurated in 2019.
  • 2017: “1 out of 6000” project. Reconstruction of the first school, out of 6,000 collapsed, after the terrible earthquake in Nepal in 2015. School inaugurated in 2018.
  • 2018: “2 out of 6000” project. Reconstruction of the second school, out of 6,000 collapsed, after the terrible earthquake in Nepal of 2015. School inaugurated in 2019.
  • 2019: Bir Sakya Lama School Teacher Project, North India. Funding for the wages for 5 teachers for the little monks of the school monastery until the end of 2021. The school itself was built thanks to Sidare in 2012.
  • 2020: special fundraising for medical emergencies in Nepal and India.
    In the two countries, health services are not public, and thus exclude the poorest. The last few years have seen a considerable increase in requests of medical care. Thanks to this fund, Sidare supports the poorest who otherwise would literally die.
  • 2021/2022 New project coming up! Sidare wishes to complete the furnishing of the second school built in Nepal the make a water well for it and for the surrounding villages.
  • 2022: Construction of a water well and new toilets at the school built by Sidare in Nepal with the project “2 out of 6000”. The well will serve the school and all the surrounding villages, changing the life of many people.