The environment and people are precious to us

To choose a Peroni & Parise jewel also means to embrace a precise work philosophy and ethic. Lorenzo Peroni and his team are constantly on a restless search for service and product quality, prioritising respect for people and environment, with all its resources. Together with new expressions and collections they imagine a more harmonious World, both in production and consumption.

They are committed to waste control, to reducing their environmental impact, to only supplying their feedstock from known and verified sources.


Feedstock – RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council)

In addition to buying its feedstock only from usual and well-known suppliers, who issue the certification of adhesion to the Kimberley Process, Peroni and Parise is a Member of RJC.

RJC is the leading no-profit organization which promotes internationally responsible practices, from an ethical, social and environmental point of view, to respect the rights throughout the jewelry production chain.

With its membership, Peroni & Parise has committed itself to achieving in the shortest possible time the relative certification, which ensures the most reliable guarantees in all the productive and commercial chain.