The world of Peroni & Parise in the spotlight
Peroni&Parise team

The passing of time and the things we experience help us get a better understanding of ourselves and our company.

If we look up towards the future we see new projects, more ambitious goals and concrete actions to achieve the results we set for ourselves. One of the results we cared about the most was to make ourselves known to you in a different, more emotional way. Because emotions are part of our work and reality.

Behind what we create, behind the collections we masterfully create in our workshop, there is a team. It’s a group of people with different personalities, passions and skills that we want you to get to know, because Peroni&Parise jewels are born exactly from the encounter and collaboration of these various personalities.

A few months ago, after a period of reflection, we launched on our website our blog ‘Stories’, so as to be able to tell our world, our day to day life and what lies behind our collections.

However, we then decided to go further and to tell you about ourselves even more directly, with no filters. This is how the idea of shooting a series of videos in which the main characters are not just the Peroni&Parise jewels, but also the people who imagine, draw and produce them and do everything that’s needed for the jewels to get to you in an impeccable way, was born.

Every member of the team understood the importance of this project and proceeded to put their shyness aside and eagerly take part in the filming. The days we spent surrounded by make-up, lights, microphones and cameras were busy, but also certainly fun and alternative! 

In the following months not only will you get to know better Lorenzo and Valeria Peroni, but the rest of the team as well. Everyone will share with you something about themselves and their role in this beautiful journey that leads to the creation of our jewels’ collections.

We wholeheartedly hope you will enjoy this project!