The Peroni & Parise academy
Luca Marzarotto, Peroni & Parise setting manager

There’s a very special person among our collaborators. His name is Luca Marzarotto and he’s our stone setting manager. Luca stands out for his amazing talent both as a stone setter and as a master goldsmith, two abilities that are rare to be found in the same person!

As time went by, we discovered another side of him we really admire: his predisposition to teach his art. Luca is so passionate about what he does that he transmits his enthusiasm to his collaborators and makes them want to go beyond their daily tasks and train other skills in the jewelry world.

Knowing about Luca’s potential made us think: why not help him nurture this talent and give him the opportunity to train whoever wants to learn this wonderful tradition?

Two projects were born from this idea.

The first consists of an internal goldsmith school for Peroni&Parise’s  team. Luca is teaching a goldsmith class one Saturday a month to all his colleagues that wish to learn this delicate phase of the jewelry making process. It’s a perfect self-growth and professional-growth opportunity for our internal team!

The second project is a collaboration with Vicenza’s School of Arts and Crafts. Luca teaches the art of stone setting to the students that will become custodians of this ancient venetian tradition and, hopefully, our future partners!