Margherita, one of Peroni & Parise's artisans

There is one person in our team that literally saw Peroni & Parise as it was born: our Margherita! Margherita is a key figure in our team as she takes care of our workhorse: stone setting.

Margherita has been working at Lorenzo’s side since the beginning, when Peroni & Parise was still a project. She has witnessed all the phases of the company’s growth and she strongly believed in Lorenzo’s dream.

We thought we could introduce you to her through this short interview:

Margherita, how long have you been working as a stonesetter at Peroni & Parise?

Exactly for 16 years, since 2007.

What made you believe in Lorenzo’s project?

The fact that it was ambitious! Wanting to create original jewels and selling them in a world where you find yourself competing with huge jewelry brands is surely a challenging project, but it thrilled me from the start!

What about your job as a stone setter fascinates you the most?

What I call “applied geology”: being in contact with precious and semi-precious stones. I’ve loved them ever since I can remember! In addition, my setting action is usually the last and it’s exciting to think that I complete the birth process of a jewel!

What has been the most challenging project for you?

The “Bouquet” collection and the setting of opals, without a doubt! Opals are frail stones, not to be taken for granted and hard to manage: for someone with the same job as me, being able to set opals is one of the biggest achievements. I’m very satisfied I was able to reach such a goal.

Thank you for your work and thank you for being part of our team, Margherita!