The Lacrima collection
Earrings of the collection Lacrima byPeroni&Parise

Sometimes ideas come to us and stay with us a long time, waiting for the right moment to manifest themselves and come together just how they wish to.

The idea for the Lacrima collection came to Lorenzo a while ago. A feminine, round, but at the same time fluid shape had started surfacing in his thoughts quite often, but it just stayed there, still undefined, untouchable.

It’s 2020. A year that will forever remain engraved in our memory. Lorenzo’s inspiration finally takes shape. It’s a tear, a precious expression of various emotions: surely sadness and discomfort, but amazement, hope and joy as well!

Lorenzo crystallizes these feelings into the Lacrima jewels, a parure of white and rosé gold enriched with diamonds, pink tourmaline and bright-coloured topazes

These jewels have round but fluid feminine elements, in which every single process, especially the setting, has been studied and refined in order to obtain the soft and shiny effect produced by tears who come to life in our eyes during life’s special moments.

It’s one of Lorenzo’s freshest and most versatile collections! You will get a chance to see it in September at Vicenzaoro. We are waiting for you!