Quality check: a fundamental step in a jewel’s creation

Skill and precision. In goldsmith art details make all the difference, and that’s why at Peroni&Parise we are very keen on performing quality checks. In such a sector, where excellence and aesthetics play a central role, ensuring high standards is essential, and this process allows us to guarantee our clients the beauty of our jewels as well as their durability, safety, and compliance with special requests.

How we perform quality checks at Peroni&Parise

We put care and passion in everything we do, reason why at our company we perform quality controls in different steps. The first phase is about checking raw materials as soon as they arrive, the intermediate phase varies based on the type of product, as they have different procedures and reference parameters, and the final phase validates the production process.

At Peroni&Parise, our meticulous and passionate Cinzia takes care of this aspect. To pass a quality check, our jewels need to pass three steps:

  1. Visual survey: an initial, naked-eye inspection to spot any obvious flaws;
  2. Tactile check: Carried out with special gloves, especially with jewels with stones, to verify the setting process has been successful;
  3. Stereo viewer inspection: a tool that allows us to see a jewel’s every single detail, thanks to a 10x zoom.

If Cinzia finds flaws once the check has been performed, the jewel is sent back to the laboratory and subject to further checks.

Our mantra: quality jewels

To us, our every piece is a masterpiece. Other than Cinzia, all of our collaborators have been trained to have a critical eye during the various production phases. A mindset we all implement to guarantee artisanal craftmanship and high quality in our jewels.