What sides of your work surprise you? We often find ourselves amazed by precious stones. Some pieces really leave us at loss for words with their uniqueness. It happens with the dendritic agate, sometimes also called “tree agate”, the main stone of the Miniature collection: its name comes from the Greek word for tree, “dendròn” (δενδρον).

Why this name? The dendritic agate is one of the most rare and sophisticated varieties of chalcedony quartz, it’s often white or light grey and it has iron and manganese crystallisations in it. These black and brown embeddings remind us of trees and ferns appearing from a dense fog in an enchanted and distant world.

Every dendritic agate is its own world.

Lorenzo was fascinated by it, so much so that he created Miniature, a custom-made collection inspired by this stone. Every Miniature piece is unique and unrepeatable: thanks to its particular physical characteristics, there are no identical dendritic agates. That’s why, in order to have a balanced and homogeneous collection, Lorenzo devotes a lot of his time to selecting the stones one by one.

This collection’s jewels look like an art gallery. Windows that look out into a different reality, made of nature and quiet.

The presence of this fascinating stone gives Miniature a very deep spiritual meaning. The dendritic agate is strongly connected to the Earth. It encourages perseverance and patience and it promotes inner stability, composure and maturity. Its protective and warm features inspire us with safety and self confidence.

It’s a wonderful gift to give the person you love.