How does a Peroni&Parise jewel come to life?

A fascinating dance between inspiration and craftsmanship. Peroni&Parise jewels are born from a deep relationship with the environment, with the surrounding landscape and with all the countries and cultures that our designer Lorenzo Peroni got to know around the world. His passion comes from a child’s dream. A child that, in Vicenza, was fascinated by grated windows with the blinds pulled down. His aunt told Lorenzo that that’s where jewels were made.

It’s no accident that Lorenzo’s first job was as a stone setter, which is why stones are Peroni&Parise’s core. They are something to which Lorenzo dedicates most of his time: to research, make combinations and study new possible cuts.

Inspiration is everywhere: jewels to tell

Anything that surrounds him is inspiration, but oftentimes nature is the main muse, with her organic shapes, vibrant colours and surprising textures. Architecture and design also play a significant role in our work. Clean lines, the symmetry of Venetian villas, the irregular shapes of a road or a floor. Lorenzo takes all of this and turns it into precious jewels as well as symbols of class and finesse, to wear every day.

Not only are Peroni&Parise collections born from visible things, they can also come to life from events, from what happens around us. To catch that instant and make it eternal.

When jewels meet the magic of craftsmanship

Once the inspiration is shaped in Lorenzo’s mind, the creative process starts. Every jewel is made with meticulous attention to details, using high quality materials and traditional artisanal techniques. Our passion and expertise come together in the Peroni&Parise workshop: where manual skill, experience and artisan knowledge are kept to shape beauty and precious jewels everyday. It’s a job that is learnt and passed on, especially in Vicenza, Italy’s biggest jewellery district.