Giada’s dream
Una sposa indossa i suoi orecchini custom-made Peroni & Parise

This is Giada’s story, a gorgeous bride-to-be who’s looking for her dream earrings.

Everything’s ready for the best day of her life: a wonderful dress in pink tulle, a pair of decolletè shoes that match the dress perfectly, the right flowers for the bouquet. Giada’s already decided she is going to collect her long, blond hair in a chignon, so as to enhance her face. 

There is just one last detail missing, a fundamental accessory: the earrings.

She has a clear idea of her earrings. She knows exactly how they will be like: she already thought about the shape, the colors of the stones and the materials. They are a vital accessory, a precious final touch to her dress. However, after months of research in various shops, she cannot seem to find anything that is even remotely close to her idea.

That’s how Giada met us. She knows our artisan jewellers can design and make custom pieces, and she is familiar with all the care they put in every detail of their projects.

Just a few weeks from her wedding, an emotional and hopeful Giada meets Lorenzo in his workshop to give him a sketch of the earrings she designed herself.

To us, nothing is more exciting than making a client’s dream come true! Especially if we’re talking about a jewel for one of the most important days of their lives! Our artisans proceed to work in order to make Giada’s wish come true in time for her wedding.

And they manage to do so. With her big day just a few days ahead, Giada tries her earrings on, her eyes shimmering with emotion. Pink gold pendant earrings: a precious cascade of pink and lemon quartz.  The bride to be is happy with the result, and so are we, because we made her dream come true!

Just a few days later, Lorenzo receives an email containing special thanks and these marvellous photos taken by the photographer Nerosubianco.