Exclusivity and style: how to customise Peroni&Parise jewels

For all the jewels lovers that wish for a unique and personal touch, Peroni&Parise offers an unmatched customisation service. With a vast range of options and the possibility of realising tailored pieces, our motto has always been to satisfy our clients’ requests and create unique jewels, which tell the story of those wearing them.

Unique pieces to enrich your every moment

Our jewels are made in our laboratory in Dueville, in the province of Vicenza, motherland of goldsmith art. This allows us to either adapt existing collections or create a completely new piece to make your dreams come true.

Rose is one of our most iconic collections, recognised for its versatility and modularity, allowing us to customise the object itself as well as colour nuances, to perfectly adapt them to your style and personality.  Earrings matching with bracelets, rings and necklaces, perfect shades for any complexion: we are able to customise every detail, for your special day or simply day to day life.

Our customisable collections and tailor-made

Other than Rose, it is possible to customise rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of multiple of our collections.  Some examples are Pavé, Desiderio and Modern: jewels which fit well with any personality. From the most romantic soul to the most rock.

However, that’s not all: our company also accepts requests for tailor-made pieces. We create your jewel starting from projects shared by render,inf paying special attention to every single detail and to the artisanal quality that distinguishes our every product. We never want to cease to surprise you with jewels that are not mere accessories but proper works of art, which reflect your soul and are to be worn proudly.