Margherita, one of Peroni & Parise's artisans

There is one person in our team that literally saw Peroni & Parise as it was born: our Margherita! Margherita is a key figure in our team as she takes care of our workhorse: stone setting. Margherita has been working at Lorenzo’s side since the beginning, when Peroni & Parise was still a project. She […]

The Peroni & Parise academy

Luca Marzarotto, Peroni & Parise setting manager

There’s a very special person among our collaborators. His name is Luca Marzarotto and he’s our stone setting manager. Luca stands out for his amazing talent both as a stone setter and as a master goldsmith, two abilities that are rare to be found in the same person! As time went by, we discovered another […]

Our values

Valeria con i bambini di Sidare

What values is every decision and action made in Peroni & Parise according to? We have written this article to tell you all about the principles that represent the essence of our company. Respect To us respect means caring about our team and creating a peaceful and welcoming working environment. However, it also means being […]

The world of Peroni & Parise in the spotlight

Peroni&Parise team

The passing of time and the things we experience help us get a better understanding of ourselves and our company. If we look up towards the future we see new projects, more ambitious goals and concrete actions to achieve the results we set for ourselves. One of the results we cared about the most was […]