Margherita, one of Peroni & Parise's artisans

There is one person in our team that literally saw Peroni & Parise as it was born: our Margherita! Margherita is a key figure in our team as she takes care of our workhorse: stone setting. Margherita has been working at Lorenzo’s side since the beginning, when Peroni & Parise was still a project. She […]


What sides of your work surprise you? We often find ourselves amazed by precious stones. Some pieces really leave us at loss for words with their uniqueness. It happens with the dendritic agate, sometimes also called “tree agate”, the main stone of the Miniature collection: its name comes from the Greek word for tree, “dendròn” […]

How do we understand if a jewel was made to perfection?

Peroni & Parise quality check

When evaluating a jewel, it is important to take some aspects into consideration in order to make sure you are handling a jewel made in a state of the art manner. It’s surely helpful to know some of jewels’ most important technical features. Down below we will tell you about three aspects to take into […]