Peroni & Parise invests in wellbeing: our new headquarters

We strongly feel that everyone’s wellbeing is crucial to any company that aspires to be successful and grow in a sustainable way, especially that of collaborators. This is why in 2023, which is slowly coming to an end, we decided to dedicate a lot of time and energy to the realisation of our new offices. Even though we only moved a few doors away, it was just as stressful and hard as any other relocation. However, we are now enthusiastic to have invested in new spaces and wellbeing! And we are making the most out of our new offices, which are filling us with joy.

Why the new offices?

It was a conscious decision, made of hardships but mostly of new goals and projects. Peroni&Parise has grown over the past few years, and our team is expanding exponentially, with each member having their role and job. Our decision to relocate came from the desire to make each one of our employees comfortable, as this is what’s most precious to us!

Still located in Dueville, our new offices are modern and functional: advanced and more work spaces, a much bigger laboratory to grant everyone their space to work. And that’s not all: not only have we improved the working spaces, we’ve also increased common rooms, meeting places made to promote interactions between our employees, so as to create a sense of community.

Corporate wellness in our goals

A hard journey that brought us immense satisfaction, a significant investment in our people’s wellbeing, aimed at improving the working environment and promoting collaboration as well as creativity. Today we are proud to open the doors to Peroni&Parise’s new headquarters, which are inheriting our soul day by day.