Our 2023: Growing, Respecting, Innovating

In 2023, Peroni & Parise wrote important pages of its story. As a company, we are in constant evolution, changing year after year, without losing our core. This past year has been intensive for us, it faced us with new challenges and allowed us to significantly move forward. We committed to many things and reached great goals under different points of view.

Training, new offices, new intakes, and a certification.

Our 2023 was marked by four big achievements we reached.

Realisation and relocation to our new offices. We grew and moved “next door”. To us it was more than a mere change of address: relocating was a tangible evolution in our business. Our headquarters were designed to inspire creativity and efficiency, as well as to allow us to be together in our own spaces.

RJC certification. We are very proud of it. It’s been a challenging journey, but it’s the most exciting news. In November we were subject to an audit. As its outcome was positive, we are proud to announce that we are RJC COP certified member n. 0000 5075. It’s a new beginning for our company which has always been committed to social and environmental responsibility. We will continue to keep this commitment every day to comply with RJC’s high standards. 

First internal course of technical update in jewellery. A period of significant growth for the Peroni&Parise team: together with our master jeweller and stone setter Luca we have created a course -open to all our employees- on handcrafting an object step by step. Our employees attended with great enthusiasm! The purpose of this course was to give our collaborators the opportunity to use tools which are now basically forgotten, as well as artisanal techniques such as bow saw cutting, needle file cutting or traditional and wire polishing.

Implementing personnel and technology. To guarantee the optimisation of each phase of our productive process, we have hired new, qualified and passionate professionals. In addition to staff incrementation, Peroni&Parise also invested on technology, a key element to maintain an excellence standard for each jewel that leaves our hands. 

It’s been an intense 2023, tiring under certain aspects, but surely exciting. We’re refreshed by the goals we’ve achieved we’re ready for a new year filled with challenges and news!