Lorenzo Peroni on Vicenzaoro September: “We perceived curiosity and developed relationships”
Vicenzaoro September 2023

Last week we attended Vicenzaoro September 2023 edition, an unmissable event for us, one that’s close to home and that allows us to meet people from our sector coming from every corner of the world. Indeed, this year an increase of countries of origin was registered: 132 with many new entries, says Vicenzaoro in an official statement. Lorenzo Peroni, co-owner and founder of Peroni & Parise will tell us how it went.

What feelings and emotions did you bring home with you?

This year’s edition was like an energy booster, it gave us the strength to keep going and it told us we’re on the right path. At Vicenzaoro we perceived a lot of curiosity, desire to know more and engage with each other. And of course, as tradition wants it, the exhibition is an opportunity to develop new relationships and cultivate old ones. We’re going home with a nice injection of enthusiasm, thanks to all the compliments we received. In addition, we greatly appreciated the attention we received from Italian clients. In the last few years our main market has been abroad, so working with Italy again is a great accomplishment for us.

Let’s talk trends, in which direction is jewellery going?

One trend that’s growing exponentially is for sure being mindful to people and of the environment that surrounds us, with the aim of impacting it less. This is an aspect that we’ve always paid attention to at Peroni&Parise, it’s intertwined with our company. However, this year we’ve decided to take a step even further and we’re working to obtain the RJC certification (an organisation we’ve been a part of since January 2021) by the end of 2023, as it defines the standard for a responsible jewellery industry in every step of the supply chain.

Another significant moment for us was presenting diplomas to the students of the Fashion Jewellery Coordination course with the former School of Arts and Crafts, which from now on will be called “Gavi” (Gold Academy Vicenza 1858). We are partners with this institution, and we support it. In October, some of its students will come to our company for an apprenticeship.

In terms of jewels, colours and materials what trends are catching on?

I believe that in our fields there’s a main point which Peroni&Parise is recognised for: the excellent quality of jewels and its design. The products we offer are extremely high-quality, from the manufacturing to the materials, so we invest a lot on the origin as well. I think the rewarding factor is doing things well, with a coherent mindset.

What new items did Peroni & Parise introduce?

We introduced new pieces from Pavè, Rose and Desiderio collections, as they represent us more and more. We reinterpreted some of our most iconic jewels and embellished them by increasing the diamond setting. We also created combinations between blue, green and pink tourmalines and other semi-precious stones.