The RJC certification: one among our most ambitious goals
mani con diamanti grezzi

The RJC certification is one among the most significant goals that we want to reach by 2023.

What’s RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) though?

Founded in 2005 by 14 members, RJC is the leading organisation in defining standards for companies that produce jewelry and precious watches. At the moment it has more than 1600 companies of different sizes from the global supply chain of jewels and watches, from extraction to retailing. Peroni & Parise has been a RJC member since January 2021.

What convinced us to join RJC?

Above all, it was because of the values we share with this association: respect, honesty, integrity and collaboration. But it was also because we believe that only a responsible business, one that doesn’t harm the people or our planet, is a good business, and this can only be achieved if companies collaborate. By joining RJC, we pledged to obtain the respective COP certification, which ensures the strongest safeguards throughout the entire supply and commercial chain.

What’s the RJC COP (Code of Practices) certification?

The COP (Code of Practices) defines the standard for the jewelry industry, which is responsible at any point of the supply chain. It mainly deals with:

  • Responsible supply chains (from extraction to retailing)
  • Human rights and workers’ rights: health, safety and working conditions
  • Managing of products in gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, diamonds and coloured gems

To us, being RJC certified means that we can guarantee to whoever chooses the Peroni&Parise brand, that they own a product of fine craftsmanship, beauty and quality, which has also been created in an ethical and sustainable way.

If you want to learn more about RJC, here’s the link to their official website!

See you soon!