Peroni & Parise and Sidare: a concrete and constant commitment

“If you can make another human being happy, even for just a second, you’ve made a difference in this world.” Amma

Peroni&Parise’s dedication to creating a better world also manifests itself in our commitment to Sidare APS. We like to act concretely, bring smiles and our personal contribution, just like co-owner of the company Valeria did from the 3rd to the 29th of October, as she led a humanitarian mission in India and Nepal with the Sidare association, of which she’s vice-president.

“It’s been a wonderful trip. It helped us bring material wellbeing to the East -Valeria told us- as well as enrich ourselves. We brought home with us the mindset these amazing populations have, living in the moment and trying to enjoy what little they have no matter what, while trying to transmit it to those around them. I travelled accompanied by a group of volunteers that was immediately in sync, focusing on others, especially on children and elders. That’s not all: we also listened to many stories of alone, mistreated and rejected women. It was a very emotional experience.”

What did we concretely achieve?

It was a month full of hardships, caused especially by weather conditions that made it difficult to reach those waiting for them. However, Valeria and her group of volunteers, among which were paediatricians, clowns, a teacher of curative education and a photographer/Social Media Manager, faced these setbacks guided by their motto “Caring is Sharing”.

The Sidare Team visited many places between India and Nepal, to be able to visit all the people and projects supported in the area as well as make sure that the financial aid they provide is used properly.

Special days, full of trips, emotions and satisfaction as the team was able to meet and help many wonderful people. Some examples?

  • Schoolkids: we saw many, while our clowns played with them our paediatricians visited everyone, staff and teachers included. Once done, they left a list of those in need of specialist visits and the necessary money for it, as healthcare is not free there and hence not accessible to less fortunate people.
  • Families: Sidare helps them through long-distance sponsorships. Our volunteers visited them door to door, distributing the goods and the donations sent by their Italian sponsors.
  • Mistreated, abandoned and struggling women. Our team listened to moving and at times  heartbreaking stories, trying to give some hope and concrete help to these mothers and girls.

“In exchange for all of that, we received something priceless: their hugs, the light in their eyes, their smiles that filled our hearts and will accompany us as the most precious gift ever received”, Valeria pointed out.