Our values
Valeria con i bambini di Sidare

What values is every decision and action made in Peroni & Parise according to? We have written this article to tell you all about the principles that represent the essence of our company.


To us respect means caring about our team and creating a peaceful and welcoming working environment. However, it also means being committed to sustainable practices in order to impact our planet as little as possible. We are very happy when we manage to create work, beauty and life quality affecting the world as little as we can.


Honesty translates into loyalty, righteousness and sincerity towards our employees and clients.


We want to keep our promises. Accuracy, quality and punctuality must be vital characteristics of our every project. Our team is constantly trained and kept up to date in order to offer jewels that meet the high standards we set for ourselves.


We are open to any new idea and suggestion. We are not scared of diversity, we welcome it as a hint to grow and improve ourselves. We love to break patterns and colour outside the lines.

Team spirit

We strongly believe in sharing our goals: the best jewel is the one that’s realised by a team that knows how to work together and is passionate about every step of the creation procedure. We are constantly cultivating team spirit by organising team building and training activities.

The made in Italy brand

We grew up in Vicenza’s goldsmith district, famous worldwide for its marvellous creations and unique craftsmanship. We are proud to maintain, protect and carry on with this Venetian tradition!