Our pride: The RJC Certification

It’s been a long and tortuous way, however getting to the top was one of our goals, and it’s with great satisfaction that today we can say we made it. At Peroni&Parise we have uncompromisingly committed to social and environmental responsibility, so much so that they’ve become milestones to our company. In November we were audited and obtained the RJC COP (Code of Practices) certification.

Why we have become RJC members

The Responsible Jewellry Council is the main non-profit organisation that promotes responsible practices from an ethical, social and environmental standpoint worldwide, to ensure that human rights are respected along the entire supply chain in our sector.

In the Spring of 2021 we decided to join RJC because we share its values, such as honesty, respect, integrity and collaboration, and also because we strongly believe that the only way we can create a responsible business is by collaborating with other partner entities of this organisation.

Our commitment

It’s not just a mere piece of paper. To us, the RJC COP certification is a  sign of accountability that will allow us to reach the goals we have set for ourselves, among which are:

  • reducing our environmental impact
  • promoting ethical relationships along the supply chain
  • respecting human rights
  • transparent communication with stakeholders

How? By developing internal policies and procedures that comply to RJC standards, which have been set by the United Nations and the OSCE Guide, and especially through tracking and risk-identifying systems along the supply chain.

To us in Peroni&Parise, a certification is not a finish line, it’s a starting point: we will work daily to maintain RJC’s high standards and we will encourage other companies in our sector to pursue similar paths. We indeed strongly believe that even though social and environmental responsibility might be hard, they are essential in the making of a more sustainable future for the jewellery industry and our planet!

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