Our commitment to the environment: the ESG evaluation
Certificato ESG

Peroni&Parise has constantly been committed to the fields of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. After receiving the prestigious RJC COP (Code of Practices) certification, we took part in the ESG evaluation through the Synesgy platform, obtaining the “B- Good” score.

A score that guarantees a good level of compliance with ESG principles, which align with the best practices, nationally and internationally.

What’s ESG?

The ESG evaluation, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, has become a fundamental pillar to evaluate companies’ behaviour in terms of environmental and social impact. Through Synesgy, an innovative platform developed by CRIF Ratings, Peroni&Parise underwent a comprehensive evaluation of its business practices in relation to ESG criteria.

The Synesgy method follows rigorous international environmental standards, among which are the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

These criteria provide a complete picture to evaluate business practices in terms of environmental and social sustainability and governance.

A good score for a better future

The certificate, which we obtained on March 8th 2024, is valid for a year. We see this as yet another incentive for our company to maintain and improve the long-term ESG performance. Our goal is to keep committing to a better social responsibility and sustainability and obtain an A score in 2025.